Our vision is to become the most trusted and reputable Marketing & Sales Company used by companies that are looking to grow and expand their customer base. We want to be able to meet their needs and reach their potential in rising revenues and maximising their budgets.

Our Goal is by 2020 to have 10 operations nationwide and expand internationally after.

Uproar Vision offers companies strategic, interactive and cost effective marketing solutions. Uproar Vision was formed due to an identified gap in the market for more personalised marketing solutions, and since establishment, has grown to become nationally recognised provider of fresh and creative strategies.


As a direct marketing company we specialise in below-line customer acquisition. Our main focus is to bridge the gap between our clients and consumers using face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns. We begin each campaign by carefully identifying the USP of the products and services, then from there we research the target market to ensure we generate maximum exposure. It is an extremely quick process from planning to implementation.

If you’re looking to diversify your marketing strategies then consider outsourcing to Uproar Vision, we recognise that maintaining your reputation is key!

Using the human element, through in-person promotions, our representatives are able to represent your brand in a friendly professional manner, going direct to customers to increase market share and raise brand awareness. Crucially, we do all this while remaining extremely cost effective to your business. We guarantee complete brand protection through our emphasis on achieving customer satisfaction. Allowing us to take responsibility for your marketing will let your business focus its attention on the things in-house that matter the most to you.

Why are we different

We Think Outside the Box (creativity, innovation is at the heart of everything we do and we hire people that have bright ideas!)

Results don’t lie- We have systems in place

Team Culture- We value diversity and welcome people from all backgrounds. At Uproar Vision there are no limitations and we all have the same level of ambition & Drive!

We want to Grow!- We’re a young company and looking forward for our future growth & expansions!

Work ethic and commitment – We are leading the pack and our bright and ambitious sales professionals will not stop until they are able to deliver long term results for our clients. Combining our insight and expertise, Uproar Vision ensures focused performance and a guarantees return on investment.