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Uproar Vision Respond to Study into Workplace Kindness

Uproar Vision has spoken out in support of recent research into workplace morale and acts of kindness, which they believe can lead to a more connected and loyal workforce.  Uproar Vision is a forward-thinking marketing and sales firm based in Watford, and the company has huge plans for expansion over the next three years, made possible by their vastly positive rising reputation within the industry. Continue reading

Competition Fever Hits Uproar Vision

Creating competition in business is crucial, believes Uproar Vision, an award-winning sales and marketing firm based in Watford. It is a key driver of performance, innovation, and motivation. Founded in 2014, Uproar Vision raises brand awareness on their clients’ behalf and promotes and sells their products and services through business-to-business, residential and event campaigns. Over the past two years, the firm has increased sales for their clients by over two hundred per cent. A spokesperson of Uproar Vision explains: “We continually encourage a healthy competition amongst our workforce. It makes people perform better and feel engaged. Here at Uproar Vision, we have created a fun but goal-orientated environment, so people come to work with enthusiasm and give everything to achieve their targets.”  

Especially over the past few weeks, Uproar Vision has been particularly focusing on creating competition, after one of their Managing Directors had won a trip to Croatia as part of an industry wide competition for his achievements in leading an office in Watford and raising the standard. Inspired by this reward, Uproar Vision arranged a number of meetings to put ideas together on how to drive competition further. Their solution to increase performance was to focus on both personal development and incentives.   

The company’s vision is to open up offices nationwide within the next three years, starting with the upcoming expansion to Nottingham. While promoting the overall goal within the business, Uproar Vision provides people with the opportunity to work on their own personal development and explains to each individual how their own performance has a substantial impact on the company’s overall success. “We want them to feel part of something great and one hundred per cent engaged by offering opportunities for personal growth”, says a spokesperson of Uproar Vision. In addition to that, the firm has implemented further incentives to make achieving targets even more interesting. Uproar Vision is offering rewards, such as cash bonuses, a tailored suit and a trip to New York to the top performers of the company. As a result, people go the extra mile and achieve extraordinary results. 

With everyone at Uproar Vision being infected by the current competition fever, the firm is not only preparing their expansion to Nottingham but is currently consulting with their clients on further growth opportunities. And who knows, Uproar Vision may shortly announce their third UK location, far sooner than expected. 





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