New Year Perfect Time to Change Sectors, Declares Uproar Vision

Each year, Uproar Vision receives an influx of candidates looking for a ‘New Year and new career’. In preparation of this year’s interest, the firm outlines what they will be looking for when taking on new contractors.

Watford-based sales and marketing firm Uproar Vision have noticed a pattern that each New Year, there is a massive influx of people applying to their firm just after Christmas, looking to change their careers and enter a new type of working environment. This year, the firm decided to address this trend and highlight how individuals can apply the skills gained from other sectors such as retail, hospitality and sports to sales and marketing roles available at Uproar Vision.

Teamwork, communication, competitiveness, work ethic and excitement for the industry are some of the primary things we look for when deciding to work with new individuals,’ said Claristelle Labrador, the Managing Director of Uproar Vision.

‘Lengthy experience in sales and marketing or leadership and management experience are not necessary to embark on a career at Uproar Vision – we believe that our training is excellent, and we can teach this anyone, regardless of their background. I think therefore we are an approachable firm when someone is looking for a new challenge or a change in career. Because we don’t look for a specific type of working history our approach in how we value personal skills makes us much more appealing,’ added Claristelle.

Uproar Vision believes that the New Year is the perfect time to change sectors and try a new career path because people are feeling fresh after the Christmas break and ready to get the ground running with their New Year’s resolutions. Uproar Vision is preparing themselves for the influx of applications they will receive and as part of this, have outlined some advice as to what they will be looking for regarding skills and qualities that applicants can offer.

Communication skills – communication skills extend far beyond words alone. The tone of voice, volume, knowing when to stay quiet and body language all makeup how well a person can communicate. The hospitality sector is excellent at developing a person’s communication skills and in sales and marketing, effective expression and delivery are one of the best tools a person can have.

Teamwork skills – Uproar Vision pride themselves on how well their firm works as a team because salespeople don’t always perform best when working alone. Therefore the firm looks for candidates with a sporting background, because of the excellent teamwork skills they can transfer into sales and marketing.

Rapport building – customers value trust and credibility as an essential part of the buying experience. Individuals who are good at sales can use personality, charm and credibility to relate to customers before they consider buying from them. From experience, Uproar Vision states that a retail background puts a candidate on the right path of developing the skills of rapport building. 

With the New Year fast approaching, Uproar Vision encourages anyone who is feeling stagnant in their career to look to the sales and marketing industry. To find out more about the industry and the benefits it can bring, book a visit to Uproar Vision through the following link


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