Uproar Vision runs company-wide workshop on 'emulating the Lion'

Uproar Vision’s business owner, Claristelle Labrador has channelled the company’s namesake and run a company-wide workshop on how the firm’s representatives must channel the presence of a lion in order to succeed in business.

Uproar Vision is focused on the development of their contractors and frequently organises weekly meetings to inspire and motivate their brand ambassadors. Claristelle recently ran a company-wide seminar on the subject of belief.

“This seminar covered the concept of the lion’s presence, in the animal kingdom it is smaller than the elephant, smaller than the hippo – but has this powerful presence. That’s what we want our brand ambassadors to aim for, in order to convey their confidence and knowledge of the industry,” stated the business owner.

Uproar Vision uses the medium of weekly seminars and workshops to act as a source of inspiration for their contractors, understanding that drive and a commitment to lifelong self-improvement is a critical element of aspiring entrepreneurs. Motivation is a driving force behind every decision made at the business, and managing director, Claristelle is keen to continue to build a culture that focuses on influence and recognition.

A survey by Eden Springs found that of those 500 UK workers participating in the study, almost half cited their motivation at sub-par – a statistic Uproar Vision is keen to dispel. A further survey by Bupa found that half of the UK’s working population have stated that they have not gone ‘above and beyond’ in their roles due to lack of recognition.

Researchers continued to find that one in four members of staff declared they did not want to expand businesses with new clients and offices due to a fear of a larger workload. This mindset is something that Uproar Vision is eager to keep at a strong distance as the business is able to currently boast a strong foundation of young entrepreneurs that have a hunger for the industry.

The Uproar Vision is to become the most trusted and reputable Marketing & Sales Company used by companies that are looking to grow and expand their customer base. They want to be able to meet their needs and reach their potential in rising revenues and maximising their budgets.

Source: https://www.talk-business.co.uk/2015/11/05/over-half-of-uk-workers-lack-motivation/

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